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Hello   From   Charlene   Teets

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I am an experienced 3D Designer whose passion lies in the 3D pipeline with an interest in emerging technologies. My specialty is in hard surface modeling with a knowledgeable background in different aspects of the 3D pipeline, allowing for the perspective to see the bigger production direction and plan appropriately. I am known for having strong management skills, prioritizing client relationships, team-player work ethic, and passion for personal development. I can utilize my video game art background to stay flexible and work through roadblocks and gain a unique perspective for problem-solving. I take pride in my authentic personality and contagious enthusiasm, all delivered with an Ohioan hospitality.

Skills List
🔹 Storyboarding | Concepting
🔹 Timeline Construction
🔹 Project Management
🔹 3D Modeling | Maya | 3Ds Max | Zbrush
🔹 Animating | Rigging
🔹 Texturing | Substance Painter | Arnold
🔹 Rendering

🔹 Motion Graphics | Video Editing

🔹 Gaming Engine Experience | Unreal | Unity | GitHub
🔹 Adobe Cloud Software.| Aftereffects | Photoshop | Illustrator

Resume Anchor

Charlene Teets

3D  Generalist

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